Batman Day

Celebrating the Dark Knight

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Happy Batman Day! There may only be one “caped crusader”, but did you know there are about 1300 different kinds of bats worldwide? They may not be fighting crime, but they sure are busy making the world a better place by pollinating our crops and taking care of pesky insects.  
Bats live almost everywhere on Earth, except for the most extreme desert and polar regions. So chances are, there are bats where you live. Let’s meet a few of these superheroes of the nocturnal animal world in the Pacific Region.
Photo 1 - Marianas fruit bat: lives in Guam’s limestone forests and can have a wingspan of up to 3.5 feet! These gentle giants are important for pollinating and dispersing seeds of popular tropical fruits like coconut, papaya, and figs. Photo credit: Julia Boland/USFWS
Photo 2 - Townsend’s big-eared bat: Aptly named, their ears are over an inch long. That may seem small to you, but that’s a quarter of their entire body length! Can you imagine having ears almost a foot and a half long? Photo credit: Ann Froschauer/USFWS
Photo 3 - Pallid bats: Awesome listeners that use those big ears to detect the footsteps of their prey on the ground. Swooping in silently from above, these larger bats often eat scorpions and centipedes,crickets, grasshoppers and beetles.Photo credit: Ann Froschauer/USFWS
Photo 4: Spotted bats: Have the largest ears of any North American species, and those pearly pink ears and black and white spotted fur give it a very distinctive look. This bat also has one of the only echolocation calls that humans can hear. Photo credit: Paul Cryan
Photo 5: Hawaiian hoary bats: are the only land mammal native to the Hawaiian islands. The  ‘ope‘ape‘ as it’s called in Hawaii arrived on the islands some 10,000 years ago. That was quite a migration from North America, over 2,400 miles across the ocean! Photo credit: Paul Bonaccorso
Batty for bats? Check out these great resources: 
Bat Conservation International (bats worldwide)
Western Bat Working Group (bats in western North America)

Love this Happy Batman Day post from our friends at USFWS!  And if these bats make you want more, check out our My Public Lands posts tagged “bats”!


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Slight change to the program of events

Attention Patrons and Bat-Fans!

By popular demand we have (slightly) changed the events for Batman’s 75th Birthday Party. Many patrons have requested a more family friendly Bat-feature, so the schedule of events for Saturday, July 26th will now be…

4:00 PM - A marathon of episodes of Batman: The Animated Series and 1966 episodes of the classic Batman TV series from the 1960’s.

6:00 PM - The 1993 Animated Movie, Batman - Mask of the Phantasm (Rated PG)

7:30 PM - Bat-Raffle and a special continuation of our growing Superhero Comic Wall in the Children’s Department.

8:15 - The classic, family friendly Batman: The Movie from 1966 staring Adam West and Burt Ward, screened out in the back garden.

We remind patrons to bring a lawn chair for the movie in the garden. The first fifty kids through the door will receive a special Bat-Gift bag and please, try not to double park your Bat-mobiles!

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Batman Day Activities

Here’s our guide to Superhero Week and Batman Day @ the Whittemore Library.

You can read more about Batman Day in our weekly library column here, and learn about our programming for the week right here.


On Monday, July 21st, from 1-3 pm, the Comic Wall opens in the Children’s department. One entire wall will be dedicated to DIY comic book panels. Kids can come and build their own adventure and add to a collage that will build up through the week - all ages may take part.

On Tuesday, July 22nd, from 1-3 pm, the Comic Wallcontinues with a three hour long “Comic Maker Space”. Kids can contribute their panels and watch the story grow- for all ages.

Wednesday, July 23rd we’ll be offering a Superhero Crafternoon from 2 pm.Kids have the opportunity to become a superhero and make felt masks and a cape. Supplies will be provided, but don’t delay, once their gone, their gone. Superpowers will not be provided! Kids will also be able to add to the Comic Wall. All ages may attend.

On Thursday, July 24th from 4 pm, our young adult writing club will discuss comic books and graphic novels and enjoy refreshments. This program is for ages 12 and up.


Our All Welcome Story Time on Friday, July 25th at 10.30 am  will be dedicated to our superhero theme, with a super powered story, craft, snack and parade! Ages 2-5 are welcome, but older siblings may join in the fun.

Batman’s 75th Birthday Party will take place on Saturday, July 26th and will be hosted by the Youth Services department. 

A Batman movie marathon will run throughout the day, starting at 4 pm.

We’ll be showing Batman: The Movie (rated PG) from 1966 starring Adam West as Batman with Burt Ward as Robin. Flash forward to Tim Burton’s 1989 movie, and Batman is played by Michael Keaton – we’ll be playing that one, too. As a finale, The Dark Knight (2008 – rated PG) with Christian Bale will be played at dusk, projected onto the outside wall of the Children’s department (bring a blanket or lawn chair)!

Refreshments will be provided, along with some special surprises, and at 8 pm there will be a great Bat-raffle.

The first fifty kids to show up will receive a special batman gift bag. Parents, please remember that children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult for Batman and The Dark Knight.

We’ll be wrapping things up around 10.30 pm.

Enjoy our Caped Crusader activities!!


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Batman Day

We’re planning a great day of programs for you on Saturday, July 26th when we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight.

Stay tuned for more info, including movies, discussion and memorabilia.